VR Technology for Medicine talk – Innovate UK

On the 15th March 2018 our MD, Jamie Denham, spoke about “VR Technology for Medicine” at the Knowledge Transfer Network’s 9th Intelligent Imaging event in Glasgow. 

Imaging as the most information rich sensing technology is one of the most important technology widely utilised across human society and industries, from entertainment, healthcare, security, agriculture to transport, energy and space, etc.

UK has been one of the key players in the imaging technology development, and has played a key role in numbers of key imaging technology innovations, including MRI, Television, Industrial Process Tomography, etc. UK universities are still at the leading edge of many imaging technology research. The UK also has many innovative imaging technology companies who are focusing on developing and commercialising some of the most exciting imaging innovations. However, the large diversified applications of the imaging technology also fragment the technology research and innovations in the markets, increasing the barrier for imaging technology research, innovation and commercialisation in the markets.

To help speed up the imaging technology innovation and commercialisation, KTN has been organising the one-day networking events – Intelligent Imaging – to provide a platform to bring relevant imaging communities together to network, share knowledge and collaborate.

The 9th Intelligent Imaging event aims to bring imaging end-user communities, imaging technology providers, novel imaging technology researchers, innovation funders and other relevant stakeholders together to share their knowledge on market challenges, state of the art commercial technologies, emerging imaging technology research, and innovation funding opportunities, to stimulate new ideas, network and facilitate partnerships and collaboration development, and to promote and speed up business innovation development in the imaging technology sector in the UK.

Update 10th April 2018: Presentation slides (without video ) below:

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