Virtual Reality Show: 20th – 22nd April 2017

Sliced Bread Animation are pleased to announce that we will be presenting at the Virtual Reality Show London to be held at the Business Design Centre, London on the 20th – 22nd April, 2017 at Stand 37. We will be showcasing our production process on the multi-award winning Virtual Valve project, and also talking about our learnings whilst working on VR projects

Sliced Bread’s main role in the VR has been the creation of models, animation and lighting using Maya and Unity. In my medical session I will be demonstrating key do’s and don’ts in developing a VR pipeline, bringing in some learnings from our early projects. Given the nature of production, planning all the asset requirements is key. Unlike linear animation, where everything is built to camera, here you build for the environment. That means many more assets and detail and you’ll need to balance that with performance constraints (polygon count etc.). You won’t want to compromise the experience either, VR projects are not particularly cheap to produce and against the investment, you’ll want to be sure the end-user walks away with lasting memory of their experience.


By leveraging emerging technologies, modern medicine is uncovering entirely new ways to confront age-old challenges.

The VR Medical Conference will investigate the current state of VR tech within medicine and healthcare, providing an overview of current applications, examining key case studies and exploring opportunities beyond treatment, into self-diagnosis and the integration of AI tech.

This session will also address the skills and processes required when creating VR content for the medical industry, with developers and programmers sharing their experiences and providing specialised insights.

Closing the conference, The VR Medical Panel will bring together a group of experts to expand on the days findings, to present additional data and opinion and to discuss and debate where they see opportunities for VR in the future of medicine.

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Jamie Denham, the Managing Director of Sliced Bread has worked in the field of digital animation and application development for over 20-years. He has worked extensively on elearning and training based animation, focusing on communication and learning objectives in healthcare. Jamie has also developed an animation pipelines that ensure efficiency of work process on Mechanism of Action animations, and was the Animation Director on the multi-award winning Virtual Valve, a virtual reality project.

If you would like to know more about our virtual reality animation services, please feel free to give us a call on +44 (0)207 148 0526 or contact us on

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