Intern Blog Post: Sarah 3

Checking in again with blog post number 3! Here’s what I’ve been up to for the past 2 weeks.

Week 5

This week I began to delve into storyboarding proper. I got feedback on my script ideas along with the very rough thumbnails I had produced the week before. It was agreed that I would spend this week continuing to develop the 3 best ones- Connect, Active and Learn. 

I made 3 rough storyboards from the first passes of thumbnails- working into the feedback that I had already received on camera, staging and story points. It was important to consider the characters and environment in 3D space and be careful not to leave everything too flat on. Extra focus on the expressions and emotions of the characters also helped to convey the stories better and create a connection with an audience. Once I had drawn up and revised these ideas for a couple of iterations I asked for more feedback and we discussed my progress. 

Mental Health Animation Heart And Brain Environment Design Layout Of Scene Parts

I realised that I needed to incorporate the environment design more into the action- for example, the simple ways in which the characters climb up/down the stairs can show how they are feeling. I also needed to vary my camera angles as they were all a bit too similar and could be pushed in to better frame actions and emotions. It was agreed that I would focus on just one or two of the stories going forward, in order to make the shorts as polished as they could be. 

Week 6

Moving into week 6, I began to refine the finer points of storyboarding to be sure I was conveying character emotions convincingly. I chose to focus on Connect and Learn- as I felt that these two shorts best addressed the brief as both stand alone pieces as well as part of a larger series.

Environment Design Storyboard Progress Nine Panels

I re-storyboarded the two sequences roughly on paper initially, working on the feedback from the previous week. Once I was happy with these rough versions, I went into Photoshop and drew them up more neatly. I made very rough animatic sequences in order to better understand the timings of each short and see what needed to be cut. I went through this process several times, cutting out parts that were too long and didn’t work and replacing them.

Mental Health Animation Heart And Brain Environment Design Storyboard Editing In After Effects

I also began re-teaching myself Illustrator and After Effects this week. While I have very basic knowledge of these softwares, I tend to rely heavily on Photoshop- so this was a good opportunity to branch out my skill set and software knowledge. I followed a basic walk cycle tutorial from youtube to refresh my skills and then considered how I might get my character designs to work in a 2d format. This has been the biggest learning point this week- as my university experience was mainly in 3D animation. It has been a little surprising just how much of 3D carries over to 2D.

Tune back in another 2 weeks time for my final installment of my blog whilst interning at Sliced Bread, find out the finishing results for my project and for more of my learning curves!

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