Intern Blog Post: Sarah 2

Hello again! I’m back with the next installment of my internship blog.

Week 3

In week 3, I focused on refining my character concepts. I went through my concept sketches and picked the 4 best ones to develop further. I chose to follow the feedback I had been given about using soft brushed edges and squash and stretch – while also presenting a variety of options for features. 

I presented these options for feedback again, and it was decided that we would do a mix and match of details from 3 of the designs – to ensure that the characters were recognisable but were also fun and friendly to look at. I went away and produced another set of 3 concepts. 

This time when I presented them, we agreed on the design of Heart, but I still needed to work into the shape and pattern in order to make Mind more distinct. Again, I went away and came up with several options that I believed could work with the design for Heart. Once we had come to a consensus on a shape and pattern, I was able to move on to turnarounds.

Mental Health Animation Heart And Brain Character Design Final - 2 Characters Standing

I created one rough turnaround for each character as well as a rough set of expressions and interaction drawings. I ran into a problem with my turnarounds which were overly ‘clean’ for a first draft. They needed to show structure that a 3D modeller or a 2D animator would need to follow in order to build them. I went away and made more technical turnarounds in order to amend this. 

I began exploring environment concepts – playing around with colour and design. I would need to keep them consistent with the characters and also decide whether to keep them flat 2D or include 3D elements. 

Finally I began planning and drafting very rough story ideas and working out roughly how long I wanted each episode/ advert to be and what information I wanted to include. It was important to be able to convey both characters personalities and tell a compelling story in a limited time.  

Week 4

At the halfway mark already – this week I began to refine the story ideas and begin the storyboarding process. 

I created some technical turnarounds for both characters, so that we can see the ‘inner workings’ as a reference for how someone might build and animate them. I also made some extra reference sheets for key eye, hair and limb poses- demonstrating how they should and should not be deformed.  

I worked into my script concepts and began some very rough thumbnailing to see which ideas worked and which ideas needed a bit more refinement. I also made several more detailed concept sketches demonstrating key expressions and environment designs for each of the shorts.

^ Mental Health Animation Heart And Brain Character Expression Examples

Check back in another 2 weeks for the next installment of my blog, and see how my project progresses from here!

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