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First week

I started my internship at Sliced Bread after four months interning with another company. It’s totally different – I have my own desk here in a real office, and lovely colleagues.

On my first day I wrote a list with all the things that I want to learn during my internship:

  • Modeling
  • Rigging
  • Texture
  • Camera movement
  • Lights

For this week’s project I created an idea combining these into one short animation – a mushroom getting crushed by a boot in 3D. I drew up a storyboard and opened Maya for the first time.

It’s hard to create something in new program that you’ve never used before. The first thing that I made was the mushroom, and after that the boot, and the background. I watched a lot of tutorials, but after a while I could do it by myself.

I did my first render on Thursday, and edited my animation in After Effects on Friday. I completed the project in the afternoon, you can see the final animation below:

Mushroom Intern Project from Sliced Bread Animation on Vimeo.

This process of working is very useful as you learn a lot in a short time. I was very excited to start the next project.

Second week

I started my second week at Sliced Bread looking online for a cool 3D image that I could use as an example for my new project. Jamie asked me to build something using the skills that I really liked from last week. I chose modeling and texturing.

I found an image on the internet and drew it on a paper to help me imagine what I need to build in Maya.

I started modeling on Tuesday, and noticed that I was faster than before. I finished on Wednesday, and started texturing on Thursday. It’s so difficult to find a good texture that matches what you have in mind.

I worked on the lighting on Friday and rendered my first image. I found good settings after a couple of renders, and edited the last render in Photoshop. I completed the project in the afternoon, and I was very happy with the final result.

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