Inside The Virtual Valve – A VR Show Reflection

On the 20th – 22nd April 2017, we exhibited at the VR Show at the Business Design Centre in London. It was a chance for us to show the production methods we use when building for VR. We focused on the Virtual Valve project in main, and in Jamie’s speaker slot we also talked about 5 VR Do’s and Don’ts, based on our blog post 5 Learnings From Working On An Oculus Rift Project.

The show was a huge success, very well attended by industry and the public, and a great chance for us to show how the the multi-award winning Virtual Valve project was developed.

Speaker extract: Sliced Bread’s main role in the VR has been the creation of models, animation and lighting using Maya and Unity. In the medical VR session I will be demonstrating key do’s and don’ts in developing a VR pipeline, bringing in some learnings from our early projects. Given the nature of production, planning all the asset requirements is key.

Unlike linear animation, where everything is built to camera, here you build for the environment. That means many more assets and detail and you’ll need to balance that with performance constraints (polygon count etc.). You won’t want to compromise the experience either, VR projects are not particularly cheap to produce and against the investment, you’ll want to be sure the end-user walks away with lasting memory of their experience.

“Virtual Valve uses Oculus Rift’s revolutionary virtual reality headsets combined with motion sensor technology to enable hundreds of delegates to experience traveling through the aortic arch into the heart with full, life-like HD 360 degree vision. Once inside, they were able to explore the left ventricle and interact with the experience to simulate levels of aortic stenosis and assess the impact of this condition on the patient’s heart.”

We have worked on a number of Oculus Rift VR projects, with Sliced Bread Animation’s main role being the creation of 3D models, animation and lighting using Maya and Unity.

If you would like a demonstration of our virtual reality related projects, please feel free to contact us via the website, or give us a call on +44 (0)207 148 0526

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