How Digital Animation Is Transforming Businesses

Digital animation is having a huge impact on businesses of all sizes. Digital transformation is a key area for businesses in 2018, and the use of animation can have a positive impact.

1. Improve Business Operations

There are many ways to use digital animation and improve your business operations.

For a start, animation is a great way to save money. For shooting live video you will need actors, equipment, and locations, which can all add up very quickly to a large production budget. These are things you do not need when producing digital animation, so it is relatively quick and inexpensive by comparison.

Animations also do not become dated so quickly. Low-budget animations can be used for years without becoming dated, while low-budget live-action videos quickly show their age and become less effective.

You can also reuse animation videos; edit, modify, and add elements without any need to reshoot or get the actors back in. This is a great way to future-proof your animations.

Digital animation is an effective way to boost your brand image, especially when it comes to 3D video and virtual reality (VR). This can improve your branding and show you are up to date with the latest technologies. Top-tier priorities for brands is to improve the customer experience.

Animated video also helps to improve your sales pitch. Say you’ve got a new product that you want to demonstrate at a trade show. You could use VR to let your customers ‘feel’ what it’s like to use your product. This inspires them to try the real thing.

Digital animation can improve your marketing as well. Videos have a lot of benefits in marketing, in that they are easy to share and generate a buzz online, helping you to get your message out there. With digital, you can create a video on any concept and be as creative as you want. There is nothing that you cannot create, no concept you cannot bring to life. These amazing effects will engage your audience and generate more buzz around your brand.

You can also produce content quickly when you use digital animation. Content marketing thrives on fresh content, and once you have developed your style of videos, you can create content regularly. It’s far less expensive or time-consuming than shooting new videos.

2. Boost Productivity

Digital animation also provides you with many opportunities to boost productivity in your business.

For example, take the concept of staff education. When you have a new product, new service or a new process, you can use videos to clarify the details. But rather than using dated and dull instructional videos, inject some fun and creativity using digital animation.

This will motivate your staff by providing them with captivating and interesting videos that help you to get your point across. Instead of watching your employees switch off and not pay attention, you can watch them engage with the videos.

With digital animation, you can transform your training materials, demonstrations and educational material. Some people learn visually while some like to listen – video provides both to make it easier for people to learn.

As a result, this can help to get your points across properly so people take in everything they need to learn, and this can result in fewer mistakes and a resulting productivity boost.

In short, digital animation is motivating and inspirational. It can help to make your employees feel more valued, improving the work atmosphere and boosting productivity levels.

3. Improve the Customer Experience

Digitally animated videos can also help to boost the customer experience by adding interest and turning a dull topic into something more interesting.

For example, if you want to provide information on a product or service that is particularly complex, animation helps you to simplify the complex. Rather than providing pages of text, you can sum up a concept in seconds with an animation.

With digital animation, you can build a connection. People see videos when they land on your website and they instantly get a positive impression of your brand. Animations are fun, friendly and welcoming, so you can use them to boost your brand image and make your brand more accessible.

And you can use digital animation not just for your products but also for other areas of your business. For example, you can use videos in your blog posts to make them more accessible for your readers.

You could even go further and use virtual reality to provide a more engaging and memorable experience for your customers to really make your brand stand out.

Take Full Advantage of Digital Animation

Digital animation can provide so many benefits for your business. As you can see, there are many ways you can use it to improve your operations, boost productivity and improve the customer experience. So start experimenting with digital animation in your business and discover the benefits.

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