Engaging And Immersive E-learning Ideas For 2022

The digital transformation enables people to work – and learn – from anywhere. E-Learning was gaining momentum even before the pandemic but exploded through 2020 and 2021 as lockdown restrictions limited movement and time spent in the office. Reports and data reveal the companies that adopted e-Learning and development tools saw positive results. IBM said their employees learned five times more material in less time.

Animated features in online learning can help students and employees retain around 60% of the information. Classroom training has a retention rate of 10%. The parameters for on-the-job learning are also changing. Around 86% of employees say ongoing training is important to them. Employees don’t demand training these days, they expect it. Moreover, two in three employees look for another job if their current company does not provide training.

Linkedin’s Workplace Learning Report reveals that 59% of companies place upskilling as a top priority. Companies need to start looking at ways of retaining top talent. And L&D platforms that engage employees provides a clear career path that firms can benefit from. Learning-fuelled performance is inevitably the way forward. E-Learning has all hallmarks of raising performance faster. With that in mind, we expect to see an evolution in e-learning platforms over the next few years. This is our prediction for 2022.

E-Learning Platforms Will Accelerate Onboarding

Onboarding in the post-covid era is fraught with complications. E-Learning programs provide a solution that enables new starters to understand and learn their job role without feeling isolated, frustrated and stressed. First of all, e-learning programs are an attractive proposition for workers. Mention this in your job ad and you should expect to receive more applications from top talent.

New starters can get started right away. The worst thing about those first few days in a new job is not having anything to do. Newbies hate feeling like a spare part. An engaging e-Learning program gives them something to do from the get-go with little supervision or mentoring.

The Majority of eLearning will be Gamified

There’s little point in creating an e-Learning program if the content is not conducive to learning. The use of visuals, animation and graphics have proven to be effective components for learning because the brain retains more visual information than the spoken word.

In recent years, gamification has shown that you can take e-Learning to the next level. By including game-like elements including points, rewards, and leaderboards, training programs become interactive – and also stimulate healthy competition. Thanks to its capacity to engage users, we expect to see gamification emerge as a dominant force in 2022. When there is an opportunity to improve, users are more inclined to participate more often – which accelerates learning.

Augmented Reality Will Become A Prominent Feature

In addition to gamification, augmented reality (AR) brings interactive features to online learning and helps to boost engagement. But the most powerful attribute of this technology is its versatility.

First of all, AR gives users a precise vision of anything. Whatever job they are expected to perform can be recreated using AR in a training program. To keep it simple, you can create a 3D representation of their workspace and place anything you want on the simulated desk or the simulated computer.

VR takes this even further because you can create an actual environment and immerse users in the experience with 3D goggles. However, we don’t anticipate VR to be as accessible to the mainstream for another couple of years at least. But AR is affordable now and should be a key feature of your e-Learning experience.

Businesses Will Apply Metrics to L&D

The whole point of training your staff is to improve the efficiency, knowledge base, productivity and profitability of your workforce. Stakeholders want to see a return on their investment – and if your e-Leaning program is created effectively, there is no reason why you shouldn’t increase performance.

As technology improves, it becomes easier for businesses to collect data. By applying specific metrics to measure the effectiveness of e-Learning, you can determine the impact it has on the efficiency of your business. Collecting and analysing performance data from an e-Learning program is much easier and quicker than traditional classroom-based learning. You can get an instant snapshot of the results and video footage of where trainees go wrong.

This makes it easier for trainers to address areas for improvement and speed up the learning process. If data is the world’s most valuable commodity, use your data to expedite employee performance.

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