Coca Cola launch The Neverending Dance of Happiness Game for Facebook and Android

Coca Cola announce the launch of their new ‘Neverending Dance of Happiness’ games for Facebook and Android devices. The games coincide with Coke’s experiential festival campaign  across European countries in 2011.

They encourage players to connect and win prizes via Facebook. The more you score against the 120 dance move options, the higher you rank. The Facebook game uses 3D character renders and is fully customizable across 6 genres with male/ female clothing options for that unique avatar style.

Coca Cola – Neverending Dance of Happiness from Sliced Bread Animation on Vimeo.

Coca-Cola is spreading some summer happiness with a new game on Facebook. The ‘Neverending dance of happiness’ will get you interacting with friends as you test your dance moves in rock, disco, salsa, electro, hip-hop and metal. By earning points during the game, you can save up for cool summer prizes – from Coca-Cola headphones to festival tickets.

You can also share your summer memories through videos and images you upload to the Facebook fan page. Why not get your summer groove on too with Coke and Facebook and spread a little happiness?

To refresh the festival season in the Benelux, Coca-Cola has launched the ‘Make Your Move’ campaign, spreading summery vibes on- and offline from June to September.

The beverage brand is present at festivals like Pinkpop, and can be found on the beach, where a Coca-Cola beach hut not only offers refreshing drinks, but also fine tunes to dance on. And those moves can be shared live via the ‘FaceLook’ face-recognition app.

Coca Cola also spreads some summer happiness through another app called ‘The Never-ending dance of happiness’, with which you can test your dance moves on several music-genres. Unlock new moves by ‘bump’ technology when bumping with other app users. This game lets you earn points and save up for musical summer prizes like festival tickets.

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