Underinsurance Explainer

The brief

To create an online explainer animation for Towergate Insurance to raise awareness about how many businesses and properties could in fact be ‘underinsured’ – meaning that in case of an emergency, for example, a fire or the necessary re-build activities, like demolition and debris removal might not be covered, which could lead to significant underinsurance if disaster strikes.

Being insurance specialists, Towergate believe in convincing the viewers with facts and figures, without getting too emotional about the potentially serious circumstances. They also wanted the explainer animation to reflect a more serious tone and be realistic in its look and feel.

What we did

We created an explainer animation that takes the viewer through several scenarios linking to levels of underinsurance, supported by real news facts.

We presented 3-character routes: realistic (1),  a softened realistic look (2) a slightly more abstract look (3.) without looking too cartoony, cute or funny.

Towergate Underinsurance Animation Character Design Options

Unsurprisingly Towergate opted straight for number 1. The three weeks production from script sign off ran smoothly and straight forward, as they knew exactly what they were getting by the storyboards we created.

Towergate Underinsurance Animation Characters Storyboard Frames

If you are unfamiliar with the animation production process, this blog post What to expect when you work on an animation with Sliced Bread might serve to help you, it provides a complete guide on how we typically approach our projects, from concept to final delivery. It also provides information on how we structure our fees and plan the production schedule.

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