Soft and Gentle TV Ad

The brief

  • Produce a highly effective 20” TV spot to promote the Soft & Gentle’s feminine hygiene range across mainstream TV channels.
  • Create scenes, based on imagery of S&G’s print campaign, that convey a subtle, sensitive, feminine and yet confident tone of voice while promoting the commercial’s message: Health for intimate skin

What we did

The client approached us with a style of illustration that they thought was best suited for the commercial’s message: an inked hand drawing, with minimal use of water colour,  combined with real life petals that were put on top of the illustration which was then photographed for the final illustration output. We were given 3 images: a ballerina, dressed in a rose skirt, a striding woman wearing the petals of an iris, and two ladies with champagne glasses dressed in lily and rose petals.

Based on the above information we first consulted a professional ballerina to help with the choreography of a dance piece. We then storyboarded the rose petals floating through the air to form the dancer’s skirt. Several dance versions were presented and the chosen was worked up into an animation. We created 3D animation of the realistic looking rose petals around the 2D animation, which was drawn first. The next 2 scenes followed the same process and we then pieced everything together to the final ad. The turn around time for this commercial was 3 weeks, from commission to final delivery.

two stripes

Following the ad for Soft & Gentle sales of their products in Boots went up by 300% - meaning that together with Sliced Bread we were able to produce an engaging ad that helped Soft & Gentle stand out from their competitors, and in turn see real quantifiable results for the brand.

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Illustration of ballet dancer with rose blossom for a skirt
Soft and gentle product bottles and illustrations of 2 ladies drinking and wearing flower blossoms as skirts
Illustration of lady walking with flower blossoms as floating trousers