Patient Story Medical VR


Created for a leading global biotechnology company focused on treating people with rare diseases. To coincide with its new launched product, a treatment for individuals living with primary immunodeficiency, the leading global biotechnology company wanted a 360 VR animation to showcase the product. We produced a film showing what the character’s life was like on her old treatment, and how using subcutaneous treatment has benefited her quality life.

This animation tells an interesting patient story from a unique perspective of Sonja, who is currently living with primary immunodeficiency and the key message emphasises the advantages of switching to new medication. As a result of using the new medication, Sonja is able to go about her daily life without letting the illness have a significant impact.

What we did

For Sonja’s character, we initially drew up multiple designs and styles, so that the client could choose one. Then, Sonja’s character was built in 3D and rigged for animation. In addition, we decorated the room with bright-coloured walls and photographs, making the room feel like a real young person’s room so the user is immersed in the VR experience.

After the two-month long project, the 360 VR film been successful and well-received with event attendees and our client.

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