Health and Safety Animation

The brief

Safety is a critical priority for MTR Corporation. A central issue of concern is that not all workers are aware of safety procedures, or have not completed the necessary safety training. They inevitably come from a number of different countries, meaning that language can act as a barrier to effective training. Furthermore, cultural perceptions of safety and the consequences of incidents differ hugely.

To bring this message home to workers across the network, a short film was proposed that visually highlights the importance of a pro-active safety culture, following safety procedures and – ultimately – emphasising the life-changing or even fatal consequences if hazardous situations are overlooked or not understood.

Animation is a very effective medium when trying to educate people or make them think differently – it allows us to strip things down to their essence and deliver messages in a unique and striking way. It means we can rely on the power of visuals to convey the message, without needing to use onscreen captions, or spoken narrative to tell the story.

What we did

Working closely with the Edge Picture Company, we created a 2-minute animation with a central character (Cai) that has a number of near fatal situations going on around him, and yet just walks on by.

The animation was slapstick in approach, it is not reliant on voice-over or on-screen text to convey its message. The video above provides a 30-second snippet of the film.

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