Kuoni Universe

The brief

A project with Aspect Communications for the luxury travel experts, Kuoni. The objective was to create a hand drawn whiteboard explainer video that illustrates the full breadth of their service offering for their upcoming international management conference.

What we did

Completed over a 2-week period, we were responsible for the storyboarding (based on a supplied script), filming the sequences at our studio and editing to a voice over. Each drawing is created under a live camera on a whiteboard, the recorded footage is then manipulated at our editing suit.

The benefit of animated illustrations or animation is that if it can be imagined, then it can be drawn to communicate a thought, a theory, a project outcome, a product or an aspiration that doesn’t yet exist.

“Thanks so much for producing such a lovely piece of work as the Universe video, it looked great and received instant applause.”

Jeremy Warbrick – Senior Producer
Aspect Communications

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