EBRD – TFP Animation

The brief

  • To create an informative and engaging explainer animation that promotes and explains the EBRD’s Trade Facilitation Programme (TFP)

What we did

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s Trade Facilitation Programme was created in 1999 with an aim to promote foreign trade to, from and amongst their countries of operation. Since then it has has won numerous awards, and has more than 800 confirming banks worldwide.

We created an animated film for the EBRD to explain how the TFP works, and showcase the benefits of it’s model. Working in 3D rendered in a vector style, we were able to produce an animation that captures the fluid nature of the programme, illustrating how money moves between the issuing and confirming banks.

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We have engaged Sliced Bread for a number of animations, and we have found them to be extremely professional and flexible in delivery. They guided us smoothly through the entire project and created animated products that very effectively inform audiences about our work. We are very happy with the service that Sliced Bread Animation provides.

James Bregman – Principal Manager Online Products
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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3D illustrated city scape with lines connecting buildings to central bank
3D characters students with laptops circling around the EBRD logo
3D illustrated city scape with plane taking off, some construction cranes and lorries