Coca-Cola – Facebook Game

The brief

Cybercom, a Dublin based agency, commissioned us to create ‘the Neverending Dance of Happiness’ game on Facebook, for Coca-Cola

What we did

We built a complete online Flash game within Facebook – delivering against all the objectives – including integration in Coca-Cola’s server, built on an Oracle database and adhering to their security procedures.

We designed fully customisable 3D avatars, which worked within six different music and clothing styles. Over 120 individual dance moves were animated. We also created, illustrated and animated all the backgrounds and the dance arena in 2D vector graphic. Using rendered components from Maya we then created 3D animated flash assets and generated over 248,000 separate rendered sequences to be implemented for the game play using our asset management scripts.

The game was a great success and attracted over 479,000 users in only the first weeks alone.

As a part of the campaign we also created an Android game for Google Play, this was a slimmed down version of the Facebook game with six music styles over nine difficulty levels.

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