Founded in 2002, Sliced Bread Animation is an award-winning, leading London based animation and technology studio, we focus on engaging and immersive communication. Founded in 2002, Sliced Bread Animation is made up of a multi-talented team of artists and developers, headed up by Company Directors Christina Vilics and Jamie Denham. Christina is from the Aardman stable of animators, having been spotted by the leading TV & Film animation company whilst still at university. Meanwhile Jamie started out creating animation for advertising commercials, which enabled him to soak up marketing theory alongside flexing his animation skills.

Over the last seventeen years Christina and Jamie have built a team with a potent combination of creative excellence, technical skill, strategic thinking, communication expertise and project management know how.

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Communicate Quickly – it allows complex messages to be distilled into clear ideas, which is vital for a project’s success.

Gain Understanding – it transforms a message, making it easy to understand and visualise. A complex objective can be broken down into easy to understand and digestible information.

Audience Retention – using animation allows you to make things happen that are outside the realms of reality, therefore making the message as a whole, much more engaging to the viewer.

Versatile – build once and use hundreds of times. Animation can easily be adapted and reused to tell further stories, and it also be reworked easily for use off-screen.

A Lasting Impression – animation caters to both sides of the brain. The right hand side of the brain likes animation because it easily generates feeling and emotion. The left turns thoughts into images, allowing animation to communicate to left-brain thinkers in a way that words alone can’t.